My name is McKenzie Cunningham and I attend Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Better known as “that school with a river running through campus”, either works for me! This is only my first semester here but I am on my 3rd year of college, making my way downtown to almost being a Junior (finally). My major is Journalism and my daily struggle is health and fitness. I’ve always loved blogging and I do wonderfully when I feel pressured (laugh with me) so I figured, why not blog about my efforts in making a healthier lifestyle while living the college life?

 Between the allowances, midterms, weekly modules, float or two down the river, excess want of takeout food, parties, and whatever other evil things may hold us back, in the midst of it all, we each deserve to be happy and healthy. How the hell do we make tiny changes day by day that will better ourselves? 

Take a breath and don’t for a second think I will be handing out coupons, but let’s figure this mess of a college life together. It’s okay to get down but always pick yourself back up. You should never let your health hold you back from chasing your dreams. That might sound totally tacky but hey, it’s college, nothing gets tackier! I’m excited to see where this fitness and health journey takes not only you, but me! 

– McKenzie Cunningham

P.S. For a better understanding on my concerns for us college kids, click here!