Texas State Election Protest After Math

Right after the 2016 Presidential Election, much of our country was not only shocked by the results, but hurt. At Texas State University, students orchestrated what was supposed to relay as a “peaceful protest” and did remain so for the most part, but also caused some issues. A few arguments broke out but needless to say, the peace remained and many came with open ears just to listen to the concerns of their peers. Here are some shots taken at the event.

This protest hit close to home because not only was it happening on my campus, but the signs that some of my peers were holding up high, were very touching. Many are just looking for peace and equality, others are scared and are crying out for help. This is an issue I think everyone should think about. 

Whether we believe the same things or not, as people we should have the decency to lend a helping hand. We also owe it to each other to make this world a better place and your neighbor should never be afraid of how you are going to treat them. I’m beyond thankful to attend a school that has so many wonderfully and beautifully made people. 

In conclusion, always stand up for what is right in your heart and never settle. Be strong when you feel weak and remember to count your blessings. College is such a huge time in our lives so let’s treat it that way. 

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Click here to learn more about the protest that took place at Texas State University. 


-McKenzie Cunningham, MyCollegeSelf.


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