Goodbye “My College Self”

It’s me, it’s me! “My College Self”!

Beginning this blog was an adventure in so many ways for me. Although I’m no stranger to the blogging world, having a blog that I HAD to tend to weekly if not monthly, really was an eye opener. With my eyes set upon Journalism, it’s an easy escape for me and also a huge boost in the writing world to have to put something out on a day to day basis. I enjoyed learning about WordPress because since having already used it, I was able to learn about so many new things I had no clue about. I would have to say that the learning has been the most rewarding part in all of this. The tools on posting links to your page not in their full many but with the “link” tool, blew my mind. I felt so much more professional not having to stick an entire URL in my post’s. But when it came to stats, I haven’t really ever cared. I mean, stats are fabulous if you care about the fan base at that moment but it really didn’t help me out a long the way. I know that sounds completely off and maybe strange but truthfully, the learning was all gold for me. It didn’t matter to me if I had one person looking or 50; the fact that I was bumping my skills and learning new things is what made all of this so much more worth it. And if I had to improve anything it would be my inability to find or take the right pictures to post in my blogs. I have struggled with finding pictures that are similar or meaningful enough to even make sense being aligned with my blog posts. I am beyond thankful that this class has brought me the opportunity to do something inside my box like this because this blog has helped mold me for the future. With all of it’s gizmo’s and gadgets, I am much more prepared to completely redo my previous blog and make it into something I can be proud to flaunt. And not only that, but my dream is to write or blog for a higher end magazine in the future and with these tools and experience, I am already 5 steps ahead.

In addition to this being a wonderful learning experience, I had a neat little following through this process. My most popular month was October with a total of 58 views, 20 visitors, and 2.90 views per visit! In October always sits my most popular week and all of those stats align with the ones stated previous. My most popular post was “Pizza Rolls and Donut Holes” with a viewing of 12 people. I think this had the most views because it was the very start of this blog for me and many people who follow me have followed my previous blog and were probably interested in what I was up to at the moment. What has surprised me is the amount of Twitter shares I’ve had. Many people who saw me promote my blog were friends I’ve known for years and many found my posts about college very relatable. Relatable enough to share!

This blog has been a great thing for me; the posts and the deadlines have really shown me a lot of what to expect in my future as a Journalist. Goodbye, My College Self.

For other remains blogs that can do exactly what I set out to do, check these guys out!  



– McKenzie Cunningham




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