We are nearing the very beginning of December, better known as “the most wonderful time of the year”. But how can we even begin to be excited for such a thing when finals are stalking our every move? If you blink your eyes for longer than a millisecond you are already failing 2 classes, negative $3 in your bank account, and crying over who knows what this time. Christmas time has a totally different meaning to us college kids.

Remember when you were in junior high and the “F” word sounded similar to “truck”? Now the “F” word contains many hours of studying, endless tears, little to no sleep, and a lot of caffeine. The “F” word to college students is FINALS.

Finals come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether it be a cumulative final or not, or even ranging from 50-200 questions, no matter what kind of final it is, it’s a final and it’s evil. It’s almost like adopting a cat that ends up being your worst nightmare; keeps you up at night, always begs for attention, shits on your life, makes you hate yourself, hurts you, makes you cry… Oh, I’m sorry, I am getting way too ahead of myself. Not all bad pets have these qualities but all bad finals do!

Back to the most important point in this predicament, how do we get pumped for a holiday we can’t even reach until we walk the plank of finals? It’s so difficult and we can all see that shimmering Christmas tree light at the end of this horrendous tunnel. We know when we go home after we have faced finals, we will come face to face with the beings who have no clue the hell we have recently faced. But it’s okay, we will carry on strong and proud with heads held high because every bad-ass has conquered a final.

But although I am still figuring out how to maintain my sanity, pass my finals/classes, and get excited for Christmas, I have thankfully found some terrific inspiration to help me get through these last few weeks of hell. So lend me your ear and feel free to jot down these few helpful tips:


Alright, this might sound totally stupid to some but ever since I decorated for the holidays, I am a lot more calm and happy. Seeing a Christmas tree in your living room or lights lit up can be a helpful reminder that you are so close to being done. Plus if you are anything like me and feel the need to blast Christmas music at all times, it’s a real attitude booster! XO Santa, your girl is ready for ya!


Okay, if you don’t already know, I am a HUGE and very firm believer in treating yourself. Oh, you’re mad about something? Pedicure. Oh, had a bad day? Target has $1 Christmas socks, you’re welcome. Money shouldn’t rule your world obviously but you deserve nice things and yes, I consider $1 socks “nice things”.


No matter what city your college of choice is in, go find Christmas lights. Not even that if you want, go find holidays festivals or fun things around the city that are going on. I found out recently my city is having a festival tomorrow through the next few days and it couldn’t be more of a blessing because I was almost convinced I have reached hell; thanks finals. But yes, go have yourself some holiday fun and get your brain off of the stress bandwagon at least for a little while.


I know it feels like you have no time to do so but seriously let yourself get some sleep. Try to avoid procrastination and instead, try your hardest to keep up with your work and give yourself enough time to either take naps or get a decent amount of sleep each night. It’s unfair to your body to expect so much from it if you only give it so little.

ALARM !!!!

Not an annoying alarm, but one alarm per day that stops you in your busy tracks and reminds you to take a breath or even go for a nice walk outside. Sometimes the weight of the world and all of our school work can be so overwhelming that we become lost in translation. Set yourself a reminder to help ease the stress. Nothing is better than a break or some time off from all the hard work and late nights.

I hope these things can help in any big or little form. I know finals time can be extremely rough and all motivation can become very lost but as long as you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, all will work out the way intended in the end. Happy finals, everyone!

Click here for more finals week study tips!


McKenzie Cunningham





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