Stop Taking Over My Life

Don’t worry guys, as scary as the title of this might seem, I’m truthfully worried about social media taking over ours lives. As a Journalism major, Mass Communication is something I study as well. The uprising of the media and how essential it is to be there online with everyone. Things happen and in a blink of an eye you can find your sources online through places such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. But just like everything in life, social media does have a dark side. A side I have dealt with far too much and had to remove myself from over and over. 

You see, social media is super fun and what not but how fun is it to base your day to day life on an Instagram picture? There have been plenty of times I went through with doing something or going somewhere solely because of the picture opportunities. And the madness doesn’t stop there because if I don’t get enough likes, followers, retweets, etc., on something, it’s “deff getting deleted”. Well I’m here to help out this kind of mindset to an end.

A year and a half ago I found myself buried super deep in social media. I wanted all the likes, all the followers, all the high status I could get and I truthfully judged myself if I didn’t get those things rifgt off the bat. It’s a sad way to live obviously enough but that’s the life we lead in this day in age. We lead people to believe we are having good times when we may not be, that we are excited for things we actually don’t care about but what does it matter; Twitter fame is where it’s at! Our lives are centered around checking into places on Facebook instead of checking in, in reality. We are so drawn away from our real life actions and the events we partake in that we fall victim of wanting to look like absolute perfection online. 

I did a few things back then to help relieve myself of the pressure society and ourselves put on our lives to live this way. These rituals are ones I still use in my everyday life and I plan to continue on this way. 

If life is getting too overwhelming, delete an app. 

If you find yourself online all the time checking Twitter, Instagram, etc.; delete them for a while and re-boost. 

I went a year and a half without Twitter and only downloaded it back onto my phone because I required to post avidly on it for a college course I’m enrolled in currently. 

As of right now, Twitter isn’t on my phone. Why? Well I spent the last week with my family and who needs Twitter when you have loved ones? 

It may sound like I’m going the extra mile and totally bashing your self control but let me be clear… social media can take over your mind in a bad way to the point where you become unaware. Even if it’s not taking over your life and you aren’t facing these problems, deleting apps for a week/month/year doesn’t hurt you a bit. Less time online leaves more time for the mind to wander and explore the possibilities you have which by the way, are endless.

Another way to help clear the social media mind is to set a daily goal. “I’m only going to be on my phone for 45 minutes altogether today” or “no phone while at school, only after all work is done”. Goals help motivate you to look towards achieving and doing other things. Social media can take over you and make you become dull, depressed, and very unfocused. 

Don’t let the media take over your life. Spend more time living in the moment because right now is the time of your life. 


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