Mid-Semester Blues

There comes a time in the middle of every college semester where all motivation turns up lost and your inability to function at all starts to wear thin. I, too, have found myself drowning in school work and trying to keep myself afloat with tiny bits and pieces of semi-motivational things. All in all, there are things out there that I have found to pick me up when I’m down and out about school. School is hard but it could be so much worse. More often than not, motivation is few, far, and very in between. Especially when the topic is college; nothing is crazier school wise than good ol’ college. Whether is be drunken nights, endless party invites, lack of money, “marg” (margarita) cravings, need of adventure, need of family time, want to be better, not knowing how to be better; the things we feel and do in college are all over the place. It gets easier with time and much more manageable but we always have that lingering feeling of not knowing what this life college thinks it’s going to bring us.

Here are a few of the things that help keep me sane; not fully sane of course because how boring would that be?


Go out there and let your mind roam free with nature. Maybe I sound super basic but I swear you will be thanking me after a walk to the apartment mailbox by yourself or even a planned weekend with some people you hold dear to a neat place in your town/state/country/etc. People claim that they never have time for things, well newsflash; you have all the time in the world for the things you make time for. To find some inspiration for things as such, click here! I promise, a little mother nature won’t hurt you or kill your popularity status. Get out of the house or out of the country! The possibilities are endless and will help clear your mind. Everyone deserves a “mental re-boost”.

Motivational Reads.

I would consider this a “motivational read” but then again, I am quite biassed. When I say “motivational read” I mean take that step back to freshman year of high school where you became the avid Pinterest person that you are today, pinning quotes here and there that maybe had nothing to do with your quite easy life as a high school student, and could probably do a lot for you these days. A motivational quote a day keeps the doctor, haters, and mid-semester blues away. (You can quote me on that one.) For a sneak peak at some of my favorite sayings, motivational-funny, click this snazzy link here. Go ahead and follow me on Pinterest if that’s what sets your heart free.

Call up Your Mum!

I’m almost 99.9% sure that there is one of those wooden painted signs with “Don’t Forget to Call Your Mother!” made for all of us college kids who really just tent to forget. I don’t necessarily think all phone calls home to your loved ones should consist of only school-related talk because how non-motivational is that? There are times I pick up the phone just looking to speak to someone I love back home about how I am doing aside from school and aside from the chaos of life. I love hearing what my loved ones are up to and just having a general conversation. Whether it be what my family is having for dinner or a Face Time session with one of my siblings, don’t be afraid to ask to not talk about school. Sure it makes people wonder but you need to be reminded that you are a human doing their best and that same human deserves motivation. Pick up the phone if you have the mid-semester blues and talk to someone you hold dear to your heart. It pays off; I promise.


Often when I feel no motivation towards school, I remind myself of the wonderful opportunity school is for me. I know that sounds incredibly cheesy and you probably had this thought out already, but let’s be really serious. School may make us HATE IT but what a blessing it is. Maybe we should start considering it “a blessing in disguise”…


These are only a few things that could help get you back on track but last of all, speak positively to yourself. You are so precious and worthy of greatness; don’t ever let school hold you back from being the best you that you could possibly be.











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