“The Young Hopeful”

Hey college kiddos, I’ve mentioned this particular blog before but I had to just once more because I’m halfway near obsessed. 

The Young Hopeful

College is hard to keep up with and all that it has to offer but this blog has personally helped me so much. I’ve found refuge in these words and a great sense of guidance in the messages. I’m honestly not a hard critic when it comes to blogs but I do feel like they either speak to you or they don’t. I don’t necessarily judge blogs because I give props to anyone willing to express themselves in such a way but this blog has been a very general outreach for me. 

I admire trying to reach to a wide number of people rather than be completely personal. I’ve follow this blog for at least a good month and a half trying to gain inspiration for my own and what I have found has been great. I tend to write more personably but the topics are a great platform for me. The topics they cover are so relevant and that’s where I need help. Not all things that feel relevant to me match what feels relevant to you. 

I can’t reach to people on tings such as financial aid or even simple things like money problems. I wish I could help in that type of way but since I can’t, this blog has helped give me a better outlook on problems other people might be facing around me. Not only has this blog helped me and given me inspiration, I’ve also thoroughly enjoy learning and getting to open my mind back up. College is such a wild and broad topic that not having something to fall back on for help and guidance would be really bad for my end. 

This blog post is perfect in more ways than one and I encourage people to read it not just for help but also for a better outlook on college as a whole and what others might be having to face or deal with each and every day. 

This blog all in all is wonderful to me and I will continue to include it in my work as well. 


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