Don’t Judge Me

In college, more than a million times do we feel like we are being judged. College is supposed to be a place we are able to let our minds roam free as well as our “Captain America” pajama pants… but how can we when we don’t feel the same urges to participate, go out, or even study? College is like it’s own little world and a bunch of crazy people, trying to find themsevles, live inside of it but are all truthfully just trying to make it out alive. 

All we ask is PLEASE, don’t judge me.

Let’s touch base on a few topics college kids like us dimes, are wondering night and day about. Clarity never killed a man (I don’t think at least.)


Good old drinking your liver dry and acting obvious and rambunctious. Partying seems to get a lot of people’s attention during college but is it really a must? I won’t judge you if you party and I won’t judge you if you don’t. These things don’t make you any less of a college kid which I struggle with rapidly. I always wonder whether or not my lack of ability or need will make me less of the college kid I’ve heard about being. Partying is what you make of it. Don’t go out and ruin your life but also, don’t hold yourself back from life. Stop judging yourself and maybe everyone will follow suit….

Get out there! Or don’t…. don’t be afraid to participate or not but remember to never let judgement stop you from acting upon things. We live in a world that is afraid to act and participate because of thing such as social media and cellular devices so don’t for a second think it’s not worse in college. College is the epitome of SOCIAL STRUGGLE. Always do what makes YOU feel comfortable, not anyone else.

Finding Yourself

I need you to go ahead and read this next sentences twelve times over; it takes a lifetime to find yourself and own a second to love yourself. (You can quote me.) Let go of the fact that you aren’t doing to wake up one day fully clear minded and realize why college is stressing you out or why that boy hasn’t responded; YOU TAKE TIME. Don’t judge others, they are still finding themselves. 


Finding happiness in college can be absolutely horrendous. Don’t be afraid to seek help or go the extra mile for yourself. Don’t doubt your feelings and always jump on them when you realize something is wrong. Speak to someone or speak out loud. Happiness is so important but also remind yourself life is totally what you make of it. It’s not all beauty. But how you handle yourself and your experiences will mean the world. Don’t judge others, we don’t know where their happiness comes from or whether it’s present everyday for them or not.

Lastly, although there’s a life’s worth of things to remember in college, the most important is believe in yourself and the goal at hand. College truthfully is tough and you are so brave for taking this journey. Don’t judge those around you; they are doing what they can! Be yourself, whether or not you are as lame as me in this picture below!

Also, pizza rolls for President!

– McKenzie Cunningham


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