3 Reasons College is Life

So apparently high school is against preparing you for college or actually life in general. Who knew I would be drowning with opportunity of friendship and adventure? Here are 5 reasons that college is LIFE!

Adventure awaits.

There are so many possibilities to just go out and discover this world whether not you have a tight budget or are able to spend all kinds of money that is what a side job is for. You need to take this time and spend it to explore with either people that you love, friends, or even by yourself. Adventure can do so much for a college soul, just like letting you let go of all the stress you and/or every day, or even just getting your mind off of things long enough to enjoy your life.


In high school I had friends, don’t get me wrong; but not the college type. Not the ones who knew who I was during the time of my life where finding myself was a daily activity and losing my mind was like religion. Friendship in college is special whether it lasts or falls to pieces slowly. People come into your life for particular reasons; although those reasons are unknown, we still should thank someone for being a good lesson. Friendship is fun and quite frankly, a pretty beautiful thing. College is life because it makes us live in ways we never would have in high school  and make friendships we never dreamed of.


Alright, I’m aware this topic might sound dumb but college is the definition of LIFE because how more real could it get than the freshman 15 or the Ramen noodle nights that we wish were few, far, and never in between? College described is ridiculous food that your mom or dad would never have made and you’ve been wondering why the hell you ever deserved such poor genetic traits to never be able to live up to home-cooked meals. Get over it, we are still children when it comes to food. I’ll take that comment with a chocolate milkshake, please. 

God bless your soul and the life you encounter that makes you realize college is life. It’s where we get shaped and molded into the beings we are today. Not only am I here to vouch for all college can’t give to you but so are many others. 

Check out this The Young Hopeful awesome blog for more college tips and self guides.

Stay humble you guys.

– McKenzie Cunningham


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