Pizza Rolls and Donut Holes

I’m laughing while beginning to write this because this post has nothing to do with pizza rolls or donut holes and everything to do with why we struggle as college students. There are so many things we can change just a little bit in order to see much bigger results. As a college student, we struggle with cooking vs. eating out, simple snacks that don’t put on pounds, finding motivation for anything, getting things done, and so on. This is where I come in…. take a peak below at some super easy, either low calorie or protein filled meals that won’t scare you away…

Struggle number one starts with the obvious; we don’t pay any attention to things unless they sound beneficial or quite frankly, unless we know it’s something we like. Hence, why this lovely post was titled “pizza rolls”. 

Don’t run just yet, let’s talk college so far. I feel you completely, it’s hard all the time and extremely stressful. I’ve probably eaten my weight in pizza rolls and we are only on week # 4. Part of me is sad about this but then the other half of me really could care less. PROBLEM!!!! 


I’m pretty sure my parents are reading this thinking “I really hope she just made that up to help gain followers” sorry birth givers, can’t back up that theory. Let’s also be honest, it’s so true what they say about college; 

Freshman 15

Sophomore 30

Junior 50

Senior -15 (gains brain cells back)

And so on….

I want to help you say no to pizza rolls and say yes to helping yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believe in bad food equals a happy heart and it’s totally (actually completely) awesome to splurge and “treat yo self” but…. it’s not okay to let yourself go. Goals are great and so are you so let’s work together and make some small changes. Less rolls and holes and more bicep curls? Sounds like a big jump but I promise, we will get there. With some cool and totally doable tips, you and I will conquer the weight gain myths!

McKenzie Cunningham

For more tips, read up on this bad guy!


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